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Did you know that teeth are not technically white? In fact, rather than being a plain white shade, they are more of a glistening pearly color. This beautiful sheen that all babies have gradually turns duller and more yellow in color as we age, no matter how hard we practice good oral hygiene. This is partly because adult teeth are simply less ivory in color than a baby’s teeth.

Moreover, continual years of fighting tartar, plaque, discoloration from wine and coffee, and stains from daily wear and tear eventually just make your teeth even darker.

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How Zoom Whitening Works

As your teeth develop, it is inevitable that they will begin to change color. As soon as the external layer of enamel that is on your teeth begins to wear down through age, it exposes the teeth’s dentin layer, which appear to be even yellower than the external layer. Thus, to counter this issue, our dentist needs to provide a treatment that will actually reach through the layers to whiten your teeth.

The whitening gel that we apply contains a safe but effective amount of hydrogen peroxide on your teeth. Once Dr. Joshua Miller directs ZOOM® ultraviolet light at your teeth, the light works to first activate and then break down this peroxide. When this occurs, oxygen can finally penetrate the tooth, bleaching both the dentin and enamel to make them appear purer, whiter, and more radiant.

Benefits of ZOOM Teeth Whitening

Sometimes patients may initially hesitate about receiving Zoom teeth whitening. This is partly because they have seen over-the-counter whitening products, and they wonder whether they can just opt for cheaper selections instead. However, these products often do not work, or they may even take several months to only partially whiten your teeth. This actually results in a greater waste of time and money.

There are many advantages of using Zoom whitening, but some of the biggest benefits include:

  • Rapid results – In under an hour, Dr. Miller can give you a remarkably whiter smile.
  • Flexible options for application – While in-office treatments are the fastest options, you could also have take-home applications if these are more convenient, so long as your teeth are not too discolored.
  • Gentle comfort for sensitive teeth – Many clients have found Zoom whitening to be very comfortable. Those few who have pain can also receive soothing Vitamin E gel and fluoride.

Taking Action for Immediate Whitening

Studies have repeatedly proven that a brilliant smile leads people to be more confident. When you are embarrassed by your smile, it is time to take action. Rely on Parkway Dentistry to return your beautiful grin with Pineville Zoom whitening.

Call us today at (980) 819-4290 or contact us online if you want answers to all your queries about whitening.

Patient Reviews

Opinions That Matter the Most
  • “Absolutely everyone at Parkway Dentistry is fantastic to work with. They're all friendly, knowledgeable and provide the best patient/customer experience that I've had in a long time”

    - Brent S.
  • “Dr. Miller and his excellent staff have taken great care of my family for years and I couldn’t be more pleased. I wish every medical office was this good.”

    - G. D.
  • “I've been to a couple of dentists since we moved but no one compares to Dr Miller and his staff at Parkway Dentistry. They are hands down the best in the Pineville, Charlotte metro area.”

    - Ma R.

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