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Sometimes accidents take place and result in damaged or missing teeth. When this occurs, Dr. Joshua Miller can remedy the problem by fitting a dental crown or bridge for your unique dental needs. Crowns and bridges are devices that are cemented to your existing teeth or implants. During your evaluation, our dental team will determine whether a crown or bridge is the appropriate solution for your situation.

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What Are Crowns & When Are They Needed?

Crowns, also known as caps, are a type of restorative dentistry procedure that cover the visible structure of a severely damaged tooth. Crowns are often the solution for those with teeth where the surface of the tooth has become too badly damaged to be remedied with a filling or other dental treatment, but the root is still strong. The process involves our dentists creating a totally new tooth surface that is strong and durable, and cementing it onto the old tooth or implant, covering all that is left of the existing tooth.

The following crown procedure steps include:

  • The crown will rest on and be cemented to this filed down tooth.
  • Next, we will take impressions of the tooth and the surrounding teeth to use as a model to create the crown. The creation of the crown can take up to two weeks.
  • Therefore, we often insert a temporary crown to fill the gap during the waiting period.
  • On your return visit, our team will remove the temporary crown and cement the permanent crown into place.

What Are Dental Bridges & When Do I Need One?

Bridges are a type of tooth replacement treatment. A dental bridge is a false tooth that sits between and is anchored to existing adjacent teeth or crowns. The false tooth rests on the gum, is held in position by the anchoring teeth on either side, and thus functions to “bridge” the gap.

There are three common types of bridges, including:

  • Removable bridges – a bridge that is not cemented permanently
  • Traditional fixed bridge – a false tooth fused to two crowns that fit over the teeth on either side
  • Cantilever bridge – a false tooth that is anchored to one or more teeth on one side but not the other

Missing teeth are an issue that you should have addressed as soon as possible. Prolonging treatment, whether that be a bridge or an implant, can result in several problems, including teeth shifting, gum disease, and bone loss in the jaw. When you come in for your appointment, we can help you choose the tooth replacement option that is right for you.

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  • “Absolutely everyone at Parkway Dentistry is fantastic to work with. They're all friendly, knowledgeable and provide the best patient/customer experience that I've had in a long time”

    - Brent S.
  • “Dr. Miller and his excellent staff have taken great care of my family for years and I couldn’t be more pleased. I wish every medical office was this good.”

    - G. D.
  • “I've been to a couple of dentists since we moved but no one compares to Dr Miller and his staff at Parkway Dentistry. They are hands down the best in the Pineville, Charlotte metro area.”

    - Ma R.

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